Pressure Converter
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The IntraSenseTM series are absolute pressure sensors designed to fit into a 1-French hypo tube. The attached wire simplifies the connection for the end user, and for disposable procedures, additional gel or encapsulation is not required.

This absolute die delivers accurate and stable pressure for acute procedures in the clinically useful range of -300 to +300 mmHg. The output is stable in 37°C saline. The proximal end of the wire is terminated in stripped bare copper wires.

SMI can support custom-calibrated devices to fit into specific pieces of equipment.

Key Attributes
Product SeriesSMI-1A
Pressure Range

-300 to +300 mmHg (customizable)
Pressure TypeAbsolute
Comp. Temp. Range0°C to 105°C (customizable)
Dimensions750μm × 220μm × 75μm