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April 11, 2019 SMI releases over 100 standard products to expand it's broad portfolio of calibrated pressure sensors supporting a wide spectrum of applications, including medical, automotive and industrial/HVAC. All are fully calibrated with pressure and temperature compensation, providing a digital and/or analog output. Pressure ranges from as low as 125 Pa (0.5 inH2O) up to 60 PSI are covered. SMI’s solutions are packaged in standard JEDEC packages with various porting options.

Given the plethora of solutions, it can be difficult to find the best fit for your needs. To ensure we provide you with the best possible solution, we offer preconfigured and custom solutions. Both can easily be accessed through our website, so you can quickly find your perfect sensor.

The factory preconfigured solutions showcase available combinations of specifications. Simply use the filter options to find the parts matching your requirements. Compare and pick your solution from more than 100 preconfigured parts. To serve you even better, we are constantly expanding our standard preconfigured parts portfolio. All preconfigured parts are listed here.

We realize that preconfigured sensors may not fit every requirement. With this in mind, you also have the ability to customize your sensor as well. The TailorSense Product Configurator allows you to configure the pressure sensor exactly to your application requirements. You can choose pressure type and range as well as output type and accuracy. Further customization options include package type, porting, compensated temperature and supply voltage. As a result, SMI tailors the perfect sensor solution that meets your needs. You can find the TailorSense Product Configurator here.

At SMI, we strive to focus on our customer’s requirements and are committed to providing exceptional service and performance in the value chain.


Preconfigured Sensor Solutions

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