Medical Assembly/Test Technician

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Silicon Microstructures, Inc. (SMI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (“MEMS”) that lie at the heart of the advanced sensing market, enabling devices in the medical, industrial, automotive and consumer sectors.

The company is a fast growing provider of MEMS-based pressure sensors for a range of markets, supplying advanced high and low-pressure sensor products that meet the stringent requirements for industry, medical and automotive applications. Silicon Microstructures’ design, production and quality control processes have enabled it to develop both the smallest and smartest pressure sensors available today.


Summary of Position

An essential job function of the medical assembly/test technician is the scale-up of testing of invasive pressure sensor devices. This position requires careful, diligent handling of delicate medical devices.  He/she will be responsible for final assembly and testing of invasive pressure sensors. Assembly involves soldering, microscopy and inspection. New ideas to improve efficiency are welcome and will be rewarded.  There will be opportunities for growth in the fast-paced environment around this new product line.


Essential Functions

  • Scale-up of final test for MEMS pressure sensors, initially emphasizing final assembly and handling of small, delicate medical devices
  • Data acquisition and record keeping
  • Managing changes in processes and priorities
  • Innovation in improving efficiency and throughput

Education, Skills and Experience

  • High school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • 1 to 3 years of related work experience is required.
  • Basic understanding of electronic test equipment and fixturing.
  • Previous experience in medical device production is required.
  • Experience with handing of delicate medical products is required.
  • Experience with handling ultrafine wire is highly desired.
  • Experience in analog testing is desired.
  • Experience in invasive medical products is desired.
  • The assembly and test technician is expected to be a self-starter, self-motivator with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.


Marlo Banks,
Director HR

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