MEMS Test Engineer (ASIA)

Company Profile

Founded in 1991, Silicon Microstructures, Inc. (SMI) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems (“MEMS”) that lie at the heart of the advanced sensing market, enabling devices in the medical, industrial, automotive and consumer sectors.

The company has established itself as a premier provider of MEMS-based pressure sensors for a range of markets, supplying advanced high and low-pressure sensor products that meet the stringent requirements for industry and consumer safety. Silicon Microstructures’ design, production and quality control processes have enabled it to develop both the smallest and smartest pressure sensors available today. SMI offers a wide range of pressure sensors, including uncompensated sensors, temperature compensated and calibrated products as well as sensor systems consisting of an ASIC paired with a sensor die in a custom package.


Summary of Position

An essential job function of the MEMS product/test engineer is the implementation and maintenance of production testing of packaged pressure sensor devices at assembly facilities in Asia.: specifically, to implement and improve systems to monitor, organize and report production data of assembled MEMS pressure sensor devices. These devices consist mainly of an SMI pressure sensor die and a signal-conditioning ASIC in an SMI custom package. The engineer will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the test programs and tester hardware of current and future assembled pressure sensors. He/she will play an active role in quality improvement in the framework of SMI’s IATF16949 quality management system. The job location for this resident engineer position is at an assembly partner facility in Asia.


Essential Functions

  • Support the transfer of testers/handlers from SMI in Milpitas, California, to SMI’s assembly partners in Asia
  • Support and monitor test systems at assembly partners in Asia
  • Implement and maintain test systems to monitor production data and generate reports concerning yield and process control parameters (for example, SPC, KPI)
  • Implement and maintain data storage organization for the production test systems
  • Lead efforts to reduce costs and test times
  • Identify and implement production test opportunities (hardware and software) for efficiency, cost reductions, flexibility, and quality improvement in a fast-paced production environment
  • Review and evaluate documents at assembly partners, such as FMEAs, control plans, travelers, and procedures for assembled products
  • Support production with:
    • Detailed data analysis

    • Disposition of problem lots

    • Yield and process control monitoring (SPC) to assure stability and repeatability of test systems

    • Optimal equipment utilization

    • Corrective and preventive actions

    • Optimization of throughput and reduced test time

  • Support quality and failure analysis


Education, Skills and Experience


  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering
  • > 5 years of related working experience
  • Experience in working with production test systems and process control
  • Data analysis skills (theoretical skills, as well as software skills with Minitab or JMP)
  • Basic knowledge of sensor calibration processes and signal-conditioning ASICs
  • Basic LabVIEW skills and programming knowledge
  • Experience with semiconductor, sensor, and/or MEMS testing
  • Experience in general programming
  • Ability to present test results and conclusions in customer-ready reports
  • Ability to support customer audits and visits at assembly locations
  • ~25% travel to different test sites in Asia, depending on demand at the sites
  • Self-starter, self-motivator with the ability to work effectively in a cross-functional team environment


  • MS degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced LabVIEW skills.
  • Knowledge of C/C++, Visual Basic, Oracle, SQL
  • Experience with STDF test data format
  • Experience with test automation
  • Basic knowledge of sensor calibration processes and signal-conditioning ASICs.
  • Understanding of digital communication protocols (RS232, I2C, SPI)
  • Hands-on experience with bench-top setups as well as “rack and stack” test systems.
  • Basic knowledge of assembly process



Marlo Banks,
Director Human Resources

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