Sr. MEMS Product / Test Engineer

Job Summary

An essential job function of the MEMS product/test engineer is the development and implementation of software and hardware for the testing of packaged MEMS pressure sensor devices at the production and test facility of SMI in Milpitas. These MEMS pressure sensor devices are mainly sensor systems consisting of an SMI pressure sensor die and a signal-conditioning ASIC in an SMI custom package. He/she will be responsible for supporting the production test of packaged pressure sensor devices by improving and maintaining the test programs and tester hardware of the current production processes. The MEMS product/ test engineer will also be involved in software and hardware improvements of existing testers as well as the development of testers and software for the testing of new pressure sensor products.


Essential Functions

  • Support development of new test systems (software and hardware) for MEMS pressure sensors.
  • Support sensor system product releases from first bench top tests to production tests.
  • Support and monitor test systems at SMI or assembly and test subcontractors abroad (some travel required).
  • Serve as product engineer for newly released pressure sensor systems.
  • Develop and evaluate sensor systems calibration schemes to optimize for performance and cost.
  • Lead test time reduction and cost reduction efforts.




  • BS degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science
  • 5 to 10 years of related working experience
  • Experience with production test systems and process control
  • Experience with programming, ideally LabView
  • Experience with semiconductor, sensor and/or MEMS testing
  • Data analysis skills (theoretical skills, as well as software skills) and statistics
  • Ability to draft, publish and present test results and conclusions in customer-ready reports


  • MS degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Science
  • Basic knowledge of sensor calibration processes and signal-conditioning ASICs
  • Experience with MEMS based sensors
  • Hands-on experience with bench top setups as well as “rack and stack” test systems
  • Self-motivated with the ability to work effectively in a team environment


Silicon Microstructures is an established and growing MEMS Pressure Sensor company with its own fab in Silicon Valley.  The company operates with the culture of an aggressive start-up while also enjoying the stability of an established and healthy business.



Marlo Banks,
Director Human Resources

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