Gasoline Particulate Filter (GPF)

Gasoline particulate filters (GPF) are used to remove particulate matter from the exhaust gas from a gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine. GDI vehicles are becoming more popular due to the regulations to reduce CO2 emission, at the forefront is legislation like Euro 6 and China 6. However, a GDI engine has a higher emission of particulate matter than a port fuel injection gasoline engine. GPF controls the particulate emission by trapping the particulate matter. In the process the filter becomes obstructed and requires cleaning. A pressure sensor can be used to determine the level of obstruction in the filter by measuring the differential pressure across the filter and determine when a cleaning process should be initiated. SMI’s platinum based pressure sensors enable accurate and reliable measurement across the filter while surviving the harsh environment of direct exposure of the exhaust gas.

Application FunctionRecommended Products
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