Air Filter & Purifier

For people living in metropolitan areas, air quality can fluctuate drastically potentially causing respiratory issues or long term damage to the body. Air filters utilize HEPA filters to enhance air quality by removing contaminants both for personal air filter devices and for room filters. Over time however, the HEPA filter can become dirty and rendered ineffective. SMI specializes in ultra-low pressure sensors to detect cleanliness levels of the filter and inform consumers when to change or clean the filter.

Application FunctionRecommended Products
Air Filter/PurifierSM5X31 16-Bit Digital
SM6X31 16-Bit Digital
SM7X31 16-Bit Digital
SM5X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM6X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM7X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog