Variable Air Volume (VAV)

In HVAC systems it is often necessary to control and vary the air volume flowing into a given room. This system is regulated by an ultra-low differential pressure sensor to control damper position and in turn the volume of air flow. SMI has industry leading technology for accurate measurement at high resolution of pressure down to 1”H2O (250Pa) that are utilized in such applications.

Application FunctionRecommended Products
Air Flow SensingSM923X Gauge 250, 300 and 600 Pa, 16-Bit Digital
SM933X Differential 125 and 250 Pa, 16-Bit Digital
SM5X31 16-Bit Digital
SM6X31 16-Bit Digital
SM7X31 16-Bit Digital
SM5X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM6X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM7X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog