Therapeutic Catheter

Our line of in vivo pressure sensors, IntraSense, can be used to monitor and guide therapeutic procedures in-vivo. Its small size allows designers to maximize the diameter of the working channel, and linear response across a wide pressure range allows for both point-of-use diagnostics as well as process guidance. It can be calibrated across a wide pressure range for high pressure injection applications (from -600 to 1400mmHg). For example, in embolic agent delivery, pressure will rise sharply when embolization is complete, while a drop in pressure will be seen in crossing catheters once the occlusion is breached. Pressure readouts can be used to confirm the correct placement of therapeutic catheters in the heart or major vessels, and can provide additional safety in ablative systems, where correct treatment or insufflation pressure is critical.

Application FunctionRecommended Products
Invasive Pressure SensingSMI-1A IntraSense
SMI-1A IntraSense Calibrated