Spirometers are non-invasive devices used to measure the volume of air inspired and expired inhaled and exhaled from the lungs. One key way to measure this is by utilizing an air restriction and a low-pressure sensor (100Pa - 1kPa) which directly measure measures air volume. SMI specializes in the design and manufacture of small, low-pressure sensors with high resolution and accuracy.

Application FunctionRecommended Products

Low Pressure Sensor

SM923X Gauge 250, 300 and 600 Pa, 16-Bit Digital
SM933X Differential 125 and 250 Pa, 16-Bit Digital
SM7X31 16-Bit Digital
SM7X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM6X31 16-BIt Digital
SM6X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog
SM5X31 16-Bit Digital
SM5X91 16-Bit Digital and Amplified Analog