Pressure Converter
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With the help of SMI’s TailorSense Product Configurator the customer can build the perfect sensor system meeting all target requirements. The Product Configurator lets the customer define a sensor system tailored to the needs of a specific application. Pressure range, pressure type and accuracy can be configured as well as package type and package porting. In addition different options for the output type, compensated temperature range and supply voltage are available. By choosing these parameters based on the application, the customer is able to optimize the sensor system for its specific target application. Please note, not all possible system combinations may be available. For die and packaged solutions please contact




Pressure Type
Pressure Range
Accuracy (%)
Supply Voltage
Temperature (C°)

Part Number:

The part number generated is for reference only. The final part number will be determined by SMI. Please use the contact form below or contact for detailed information about your tailored sensor system.

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