Barometric Air Pressure (BAP) Sensor (SM1111)

The SM1111 is an absolute pressure sensor for barometric air pressure measurement (BAP). It includes a piezo-resistive pressure sensor die and a signal processing IC, which performs amplification and thermal compensation of the pressure sensor output to provide a linear, thermally stable signal output.

The sensor delivers calibrated output data at a ratiometric analog voltage output. The pressure range 60 to 165 kPa is mapped linearly to the nominal output range VAOUT,1to VAOUT,2. Sensorspecific calibration data, configuration and product ID are stored in an embedded NVM.


Key Attributes 
Product SeriesSM1111
Pressure Range60 to 165 kPa
Pressure TypeAbsolute
Comp. Temp. Range-40°C to +125°C
Package TypeSOIC-8
Port TypeDual Hole
Digital InterfaceAmplified Analog
Supply Voltage3.3V/5V

1 kPa (0 to +85°C)

2 kPa (-40°C and +125°C)