Low Pressure Amplified Analog Sensor (SM6295)

The SM6295-BCM-S-040-000 is an amplified analog, low pressure MEMS sensor offering state-of-the-art pressure transducer technology and CMOS mixed signal processing technology to produce an analog, fully conditioned, pressure and temperature compensated sensor in a JEDEC standard SOIC-16 package with dual vertical porting. It is available in a gage pressure configuration.

Combining the pressure sensor with a signal-conditioning ASIC in a single package simplifies the use of advanced silicon micro-machined pressure sensors. The pressure sensor can be mounted directly on a standard printed circuit board and a high level, calibrated pressure signal can be acquired from the analog output. This eliminates the need for additional circuitry, such as a compensation network or microcontroller containing a custom correction algorithm.

Key Attributes
Product SeriesSM6295
Pressure Range0 to 40 cmH2O
Pressure TypeGage
Comp. Temp. Range-20°C to +85°C
Package TypeSOIC-16
Port TypeDual Vertical
Supply Voltage5 V
Part NumberPressure RangePressure TypePort Type
SM6295-BCM-T-040-0000 - 40 cmH2O Gage Dual Vertical
SM6295-BCM-S-040-0000 - 40 cmH2OGageDual Vertical