Barometric Air Pressure (BAP) Sensor (SM1131)

The SM1131 Series features an absolute pressure sensor for barometric air pressure measurement (BAP). It includes a piezo-resistive pressure sensor die and a signal processing IC, which performs amplification and thermal compensation of the pressure sensor output to provide a linear, thermally stable signal output. The sensor delivers calibrated output data - pressure and temperature - with an I2C interface.

The calibration of this device corrects for pressure nonlinearity. Also the temperature from an on-chip temperature sensor can be read via I2C, as well diagnosis data. The component can be set to sleep-mode with very low consumption by a specific command. Wake-up from sleep-mode requires a toggling SCL input.

Sensor specific calibration data, configuration and product ID are stored in an embedded non-volatile memory (NVM).


Key Attributes
Product SeriesSM1131
Pressure Range60 to 165 kPa
Pressure TypeAbsolute
Comp. Temp. Range-40°C to +125°C
Package TypeSOIC-8
Port TypeDual Hole
Digital Interface
I2C or SPI, 16 bit 
Supply Voltage3.3V/5V
Accuracy1.0 kPa
10/22/2020 CET


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Part Number Data Sheet Pressure Type Pmax (PSI) Calibrated Pmax Output Type Package Type Characteristics Request
SM1131-EEN-S-165-000 Absolute 23.9313 165 kPa Digital (I²C) SOIC-8 Holes

Comp. Temp. -40˚C to +85˚C
Accuracy 1%FS
Shipped in Sticks