In Vivo Sensors

In the human body, pressure is an essential parameter in almost all organs. Pressure is measured throughout the organ systems (e.g. the cardiovascular or nervous system) and therefore in different fluids (e.g. blood or cerebrospinal fluid). Determining the pressure accurately helps physicians make critical decisions related to diagnosis or treatment. This may be induced pressure such as insufflation or application of vacuum. Alternately, it could be the monitoring of ambient pressure in the cranial cavity, bloodstream, renal system, uterus or other areas.


Direct pressure measurement is performed by sensors in minimally invasive medical devices. The pressure sensors is mounted to the tip of a catheter tube, delivering results without a delay in time. In the sensor the deformation of a diaphragm indicates the amount of external pressure. Due to their small size and low energy consumption Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) sensors are particularly suitable.


SMI’s IntraSense line of products represents an advanced piezoresistive MEMS sensor with wire connection suitable for easy integration into invasive medical equipment.




The IntraSense Series are absolute pressure sensors with attached wire, fitting into a 1-French hypo tube.






IntraSense Calibrated

IntraSense Calibrated is a fully temperature-compensated absolute pressure sensor with attached wire, fitting into a 1-French hypo tube.





IntraSense Evaluation Kit

The IntraSense Evaluation Kit allows first time users to easily set up a Calibrated IntraSense device and test prototypes.

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