IntraSense Evaluation Kit

The IntraSense Evaluation Kit allows new users to quickly begin collecting data with minimal setup time. After downloading open-source Arduino software onto a computer, the evaluation kit can be simply plugged into the computer’s USB port and the digital output from the sensor can be read out. Because the sensor has already been calibrated, the output will be independent of temperature. The sensor can be used in either air or common liquids. Details are available in the Application Note.

Ordering Information

To simplify ordering, IntraSense®Evaluation Kits are available in four different standard configurations:
Sensor Type: Standard or light-shielded IntraSense. Light-shielded is recommended for use with endoscopes or in the presence of other bright lights during use.
Cable Length: Short (60cm) or long (180cm)


Part NumberDescription
INTRASENSE-1A-060-AP-5Evaluation Kit with Standard IntraSense, 60cm length, 5 sensors included
INTRASENSE-1A-180-AP-5Evaluation Kit with Standard IntraSense, 180cm length, 5 sensors included
INTRASENSE-1B-060-AP-5Evaluation Kit with Light-shielded IntraSense, 60cm length, 5 sensors included
INTRASENSE-1B-180-AP-5Evaluation Kit with Light-shielded IntraSense, 180cm length, 5 sensors included


If you are interested in the IntraSense® Evaluation Kit please contact us!