IntraSense™ Calibrated

IntraSenseTM Calibrated sensors are designed for in-vivo sensing. The absolute pressure sensor fits into a 1-French hypo tube or can be mounted to a housing. The attached wire simplifies the connection for the end user; additional gel or encapsulation is not required. This absolute die delivers accurate and stable pressure for acute procedures in the clinically useful range of -300 mmHg to +500 mmHg. The output is stable in both air and 37°C saline, with a drift of less than 1 mmHg over twelve hours in 37°C saline.

The calibrated device is delivered with a PCB on the proximal end with a 5-pin connector offering fully temperature-compensated output, with pressure and temperature ranges calibrated to customer requirements. The sensor delivers both digital and analog output signals with the output accuracy of +/- 1.5 %FS.

Length of wire is per customer requirements.

A light-shielded version is also available with the IntraSenseTM Calibrated SMI-1B Series. The light shielded surface reduces the sensitivity to the effects of light. This option facilitates the use for medical devices with built-in light, eg. Endoscopes, or in environments, such as ocular, where ambient light could affect sensor readings.

With its miniature size and compatibility high tortuosity IntraSenseTM Calibrated can reach hardly accessible areas in the human anatomy and deliver accurate pressure measurements.


For quick and easy set-up and prototype testing an evaluation kit is now available! For further information please see the IntraSenseTM evaluation kit page.


Key Attributes 
Product SeriesSMI-1A, SMI-1B (lightshielded)
Pressure Range-300 to +500 mmHg (customizable)
Pressure TypeGauge
Comp. Temp. Range0°C to 105°C (customizable)
Sensor Dimensions750μm × 220μm × 75μm