Backside Absolute High Pressure and Harsh Media Die (SM97A)

The SM97A is a silicon micro-machined, piezoresistive pressure-sensing chip. The SM97A is designed for harsh media where absolute pressure needs to be accurately measured. In contrast to traditional pressure-sensing chips the media only comes in contact with silicon materials. Therefore, the electronic structures on the front side of the die will not be affected during operation. This results in a durable pressure sensor suitable for challenging applications.


This device is available in a full-scale range of 10 Bar and 20 Bar absolute (145 and 290 PSIA) and is ideal for OEM and high-volume applications.


Provided in die form, these sensors can be mounted on ceramic or PC board substrates as part of an OEM system. They also may be packaged into proprietary, or application specific sensor lines. The chips are also available with backside metal for eutectic bonding.

Key Attributes 
Product SeriesSM97A
Pressure Range10 bar and 20 bar
Pressure TypeBackside Absolute
Operating Temp. Range-40°C to +150°C
Proof Pressure6XFS
Burst Pressure25xFS (10 bar version)
12.5xFS (20 bar version)
Part NumberPressure RangeBack Surface
SM97A-H-ND-010B-0000A10 bar / 145 PSIAStandard
SM97A-H-ND-020B-0000A20 bar / 290 PSIAStandard
SM97A-H-NV-010B-0001A10 bar / 145 PSIAEutectic Metal
SM97A-H-NV-020B-0001A20 bar / 290 PSIAEutectic Metal