Medium Pressure Die (SM30D)

The SM30D is a silicon micro-machined, piezoresistive pressure sensing die. This device is available with a full-scale range of 5 to 150 PSI. Both open-bridge and closed-bridge versions are available. Noble metal bondpads are also optionally available for use in corrosive or other harsh environments. This sensor is ideal for OEM and high-volume applications. Provided in die form, these sensors can be mounted on ceramic on a variety of substrates or packages as part of an OEM system. They also may be packaged into proprietary or application specific sensor lines. The SM30D die are electrically probed, diced, inspected and shipped on tape. Electronic wafer maps are provided with each wafer.

Key Attributes 
Product SeriesSM30D
Pressure Range5-150 PSI
Pressure TypeGauge,
Operating Temp. Range-40°C to +150°C
Part NumberPressure RangePressure Type
SM30D-H-ND-005S-0000A5 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-005S-0000B5 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-015S-0000A15 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-015S-0000B15 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-030S-0000A30 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-030S-0000B30 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-080S-0000A80 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-080S-0000B80 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-150S-0000A150 PSIDifferential/Gage
SM30D-H-ND-150S-0000B150 PSIDifferential/Gage