Pressure Converter
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Evaluation Kits and Sensor Boards

The Kit is used to evaluate the performance of SOIC based assembled parts. The included software provides easy communication with the sensor and offers the option to perform temperature and pressure calibration. The base is formed by the Evaluation Board and can be equipped with various SMI pressure sensors. Therefore the following Sensor Boards are available:

SMI-SO8-UNCOMP-BOARD for SM5420 and SM6841
SMI-SO16-I2C-BOARD for SM9543
SM-SKT-SO16-AMP for SM6295

Part NumberTypeBuy now
SMI-BASE-EVAL-KIT1Evaluation KitBuy now
SMI-SO8-UNCOMP-BOARDSensor BoardBuy now
SMI-SO16-I2C-BOARDSensor BoardBuy now
SM-SKT-SO16-AMPSensor Board