Uncompensated Absolute Pressure Sensor (SM5420E)

The SM5420E is a small outline SO8 packaged pressure sensor that incorporates SMI’s new SM5108E MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensing die. The SM5420E has been optimized to provide the highest possible stability for a package of this size. Performance is achieved through careful resistor placement and mechanical configuration along with advanced MEMS processing.

The packaged sensor is intended for high volume applications where cost is a critical factor, such as consumer and automotive products. The SM5420E is available as an absolute pressure sensor in full-scale ranges of 30, 60 and 100PSI. It is designed to be surface-mounted on substrates by high-volume OEM manufacturers.

The SM5420E is available in a ported and non-ported option. The package is designed to be immersed in the media that is measured. The standard configuration offers a protective gel over the die.

Key Attributes
Product SeriesSM5420E
Pressure Range30-100 PSI
Pressure TypeAbsolute
Operating Temp. Range-40°C to +125°C
Package TypeSO-8 Absolute
Port TypeHole, Single Vertical
Part NumberPressure RangePressure TypePort TypeBuy now
SM5420E-030-A-H-T30 PSIAbsoluteHoleBuy now
SM5420E-030-A-P-T30 PSIAbsolutePortBuy now
SM542E-060-A-H-T60 PSIAbsoluteHoleBuy now
SM5420E-060-A-P-T60 PSIAbsolutePortBuy now
SM5420E-100-A-H-T100 PSIAbsoluteHoleBuy now
SM5420E-100-A-P-T100 PSIAbsolutePortBuy now