Uncompensated Low Pressure Sensor (SM9G/D)

Silicon Microstructures provides its most popular pressure sensor die in a surface mount small outline package (SO-16) configuration. All parts in this series are uncompensated high performance die mounted in an injection-molded package designed for surface mounting.
The low pressure SM9D/G series incorporates Silicon Microstructures’ unique pressure die to achieve high performance in pressure ranges of 0.15, 0.6 & 1.5 PSI full-scale in gauge and differential configurations.

Key Attributes 
Product SeriesSM9G/D
Pressure Range0.15 to 1.5 PSI
Pressure TypeGauge,
Comp. Temp. Range-40°C to +125°C
Package TypeSO-16
Port TypeSingle Vertical,
Dual Vertical,
Single Horizontal,
Dual Horizontal
Part NumberPressure RangePressure TypePort Type
SM9G-BCK-T-001S-0000.15 PSIGageDual Vertical
SM9G-BCK-T-006S-0000.60 PSIGageDual Vertical
SM9G-BCK-T-015S-0001.50 PSIGageDual Vertical
SM9D-BBK-T-001S-0000.15 PSIDifferentialDual Horizontal
SM9D-BBK-T-006S-0000.60 PSIDifferentialDual Horizontal
SM9D-BBK-T-015S-0001.50 PSIDifferentialDual Horizontal
SM9G-BGK-T-001S-0000.15 PSIGageSingle Vertical
SM9G-BGK-T-006S-0000.60 PSIGageSingle Vertical
SM9G-BGK-T-015S-0001.50 PSIGageSingle Vertical